Your Dress Should Be As Individual As You Are

Ghinda is a couture bridal shop in Downtown Columbus that is growing rapidly. Known for clean cuts and beautiful details, Ghinda's focus is on the bride that wants to be comfortable, effortless, and beautiful on her wedding day. 

Ginda Presents: Memoria

to remember all that has been


*Starting from Florence ( Modified Mermaid with pleated bottom and sweetheart neckline)*

  1. Florence: wild smiles and happy seconds.
  2. Matti: little words and whispered phrases.
  3. Salli: electric currents and that one connection
  4. *Salli with optional straps*
  5. Dolli: princess dreams and lemonade hopes
  6. *Dolli with optional black waistband*
  7. Relli: the reason you are you
  8. Rubi: sparking secret treasures
  9. Harvi: misty summer nights and all the fairy fire flies