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Passion Planner

Hello Beauties,

I love to keep organized, and I can't think of a more essential time to keep organized than when you are planning a wedding. Most people take about a year to plan their wedding, and that's why I'm showing you guys an amazing tool that I recently came across to help you keep organized.

Passion Planner is a planner that incorporates a planner, journal, calendar, goal setting guide, to-do list log, gratitude log, motivational quotes, and sketchbook into one booklet. I know what you're thinking, "what?"

I myself wear many hats, between going to college, working two jobs, preparing to study abroad and now preparing for my senior year AND my senior collection, it's easy to loose focus and forget to evenly distribute my attention towards all of my responsibilities. Having a passion planner has been a huge help. The planner can be ordered without dates filled in so that if you miss a week, the planner is not wasted, you just pick up where you left off! It also features a large monthly calendar with seven awesome questions you fill out each month so that you are able to go back and reflect on your answers from the past year at any time (some of these question include things like, "What or who are you especially grateful for this month?" or "How are you different between this past month and the month before it?")

You can order the planner in a large size or a smaller, easier to carry around size. Both are sleek, black, leather-bound books. 

The planner also helps you keep on track with goal setting abilities, allowing you to set up a focus for the year, month, week and even the day. Each week has a motivational quote and a personal and work to do list, great to help you separate work and your personal life. Each day is also broken down to the half hour, giving you plenty of space to write important reminders like appointments and meetings and to fully see what your day looks like when you are trying to plan for your big day. There is also plenty of room in the weekly sketchbook area to write mindless doodles, cake and centerpiece ideas and to tape clippings of ideas from magazines and pintrest that you like, or to record important phone numbers or emails. 

I hope this tool is as useful to you as it has been to me, what amazing tools help you keep organized? Let us know! You can learn more about it and try out downloadable PDFs of it on the passion planner website.