Your Dress Should Be As Individual As You Are

Ghinda is a couture bridal shop in Downtown Columbus that is growing rapidly. Known for clean cuts and beautiful details, Ghinda's focus is on the bride that wants to be comfortable, effortless, and beautiful on her wedding day. 

The Ghinda Beauty Project: Amy Novotny

photography credited to Dan Buckley 

Our beautiful bride Amy Novotny came into the Ghinda studio dreaming in violet and seeking a dress that was sweet, elegant, simple, and comfortable for her Autumn wedding. We had the pleasure of crafting her gown as well as two skirts for her bridesmaids. We loved so many things about Amy but we especially appreciated her choice to support local businesses like Ghinda for her wedding as well as her approach to fitness and beauty. A beautiful soul inside and out, Amy is a cross fit champ with a love for yoga, and positive thinking. We know you'll love her outlook on beauty and life just as much as we do!

CW: We know you went local for your wedding, and we think that is so awesome! Was this a difficult challenge for you? What were some of the pros and cons? Were there any local brands that you especially loved?

AN: Supporting local vendors was very important to me. I found that local vendors offered a great customer service experience. We used a local catering company Two Caterers. The venue, food and staff at Two Caterers were amazing!  Our photographer Dan Buckley was also amazing! His unique style really captured our wedding day perfectly!

CW: What is your definition of beauty?

AN: Confidence in yourself!

CW: What ended up bringing you to Ghinda? What drew you to decide to have a gown custom made for you?

AN: When I got engaged I knew I wanted to have a unique wedding dress. Prior to coming to Ghinda I visited one other shop to get an idea of the wedding dresses available. After visiting that shop I knew that a traditional wedding dress shop would not be the place I would find my perfect dress. With my unique style, I knew a custom gown would be exactly what I was looking for. My second dress appointment I visited Ghinda. Jen's enthusiasm and passion for her work really drew me in and after trying on a few gowns I knew I had found perfect gown style.

CW: What was your favorite part of creating a Ghinda Gown? 

AN: I love the passion and enthusiasm Jen and her staff have for creating the perfect gown for their clients. I loved every step of the process especially the fact that Jen ensures that every change made to the dress is perfect. I was also very grateful for Jen's help with coordinating my bridesmaids outfits.

CW: What are three pieces of advice you would give a bride who wanted to go custom?

AN:  Be confident in your style and don't second guess yourself. Enjoy the process!

CW: Being a bride involves a lot of stress, planning, and preparation, What do you did you do while planning for your wedding to de-stress?

AN: Have a great support person to help with the planning. My husband was great and helped me with the planning process. I also managed my stress by exercising. I am avid crossfitter and yogi.

CW: Brides feel a lot of pressure to slim down for their wedding day in order to feel "their most beautiful" What would you say to a bride who was feeling this kind of pressure before her wedding day? What advice would you have for her?

AN: A bride has enough stress to deal with during the wedding planning process and weight loss should not be one of them. I think the bride should be reminded that their fiancé fell in love with them just the way they are and a few pounds is not going change his feelings.