Your Dress Should Be As Individual As You Are

Ghinda is a couture bridal shop in Downtown Columbus that is growing rapidly. Known for clean cuts and beautiful details, Ghinda's focus is on the bride that wants to be comfortable, effortless, and beautiful on her wedding day. 

The Ghinda Beauty Project: Alex Six

When Alex Six came into our studio to create her custom wedding gown we knew right away we were designing something special. Alex and her fiancé, Ryan had dreams of a tropical destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. We loved designing this gown because it looks grand but it feels easy, light, and looks stunning on our bride in this amazing backdrop. Here's what she has to say about the meaning of beauty and what it means to be a Ghinda bride. 

CW: What was it that made you choose Ghinda for your wedding gown, why go custom?

AS: I went to school with Jen and found out she made wedding dresses. I wanted something to fit my body type and that I was comfortable in. I did not want the typical wedding dress that has the rushing in it.

CW: We know that you had a wedding in the Dominican republic, what was it like planning a destination wedding? Can you describe some of the pros and cons of having a destination wedding and how your wedding may have inspired you to create a custom gown at Ghinda? 

AS: The hardest part about a destination wedding was picking where to go. After we found the place it was the easiest thing in the world. The resort handled everything and made our day absolutely amazing. The pros of a destination wedding are: Less stress- the resort did a great job of making sure I had nothing to worry about. It’s a vacation with your closet friends and family- Everyone told us it was one of the best times they have had in a long time. Less money- It actually saved us money. If we got married in Columbus and went the traditional route we would have spent twice as much. Cons- you have to be able to let go of some of the control. Not all family members will be able to be there. There are some legal hoops to jump through.

Having a destination wedding played a major role in the design process. I wanted something that fit my body type that I could wear most of the day on a tropical island in 80 degree weather. Most wedding dresses are heavy and hot and I wanted to be able to enjoy my dress as much as possible.

CW: What kinds of activities make you feel beautiful? Are there any rituals you go through to make time for yourself and take care?

AS: The process leading up to the wedding I spent a little more time on beauty rituals. I did get eyelash extensions for the big day and I do have to say they were amazing. Being at the beach you don’t want to wear a lot of make up so the extensions worked perfectly for that natural look. Also, yoga makes me feel amazing inside and out. I feel that yoga helps you find that place where you are happy within yourself.

CW: Can you tell us a little bit about the design process you went through at Ghinda? How involved were you in it and what was it like? What was your favorite part of the process of creating a Ghinda gown? Is there a special moment from the process that was very special to you? 

AS: The design process was great from the start. The team at Ghinda really listened to what I wanted. I felt involved in every step. Every time I went to try on the dress we would adjust the dress to fit my body type and to what looked the best. Sometimes this took multiple fittings until it was just right but in the end the dress was perfect.

CW: Do you think a positive sense of self can make a person more physically attractive? How so?

AS: I think a positive sense of self does make someone more attractive. You can see this light from them and that they are happy with who they are.

CW: What are three pieces of advice you would give a bride who wanted to go custom?

AS: My advice is;

  1. Be patient your dress will be perfect.
  2. Let your creativity shine this is your moment.
  3. Do what you want in the design process but do listen to the advice of friends, family and the Ghinda team.

CW: What is inner and outer beauty to you?

AS: Inner and outer beauty is being happy with yourself. Everyone is different and that is what makes us beautiful.