Your Dress Should Be As Individual As You Are

Ghinda is a couture bridal shop in Downtown Columbus that is growing rapidly. Known for clean cuts and beautiful details, Ghinda's focus is on the bride that wants to be comfortable, effortless, and beautiful on her wedding day. 

Ghinda Slips Into Something More Captivating

Hello Readers Both New And Old!

If you are new, Welcome! If you have been keeping up with Ghinda, thank you so much. We are so excited to announce the relaunch of our blog and social media! My name is Camille Witt and I am currently the Director of Branding for Ghinda. I am pleased to announce that I will be the new voice filling you in on all the happenings from Ghinda. We will be updating you with features from our Brides, giving you an in depth look at the creation of their gowns from start to finish, and sharing with you upcoming photo shoots and sneak peeks as we design our upcoming collection. I am very pleased to announce the relaunch of The Ghinda Beauty Project. The team at Ghinda loves to embrace the individuality of our brides AND their body types, and we are so excited to share with you advice and real words of wisdom from our very own brides who know what it means to design a custom wedding dress, and what the ups and downs of being a bride are. 

We are so eager to turn the page to a new chapter in Ghinda's story with you, and we are so glad that you are here to be a part of it! Please keep checking back as we gear up to relaunch Ghinda's Blog. Can't wait? You can satisfy your anticipation by checking out our current blog here.