Your Dress Should Be As Individual As You Are

Ghinda is a couture bridal shop in Downtown Columbus that is growing rapidly. Known for clean cuts and beautiful details, Ghinda's focus is on the bride that wants to be comfortable, effortless, and beautiful on her wedding day. 

Passion Planner

Hello Beauties,

I love to keep organized, and I can't think of a more essential time to keep organized than when you are planning a wedding. Most people take about a year to plan their wedding, and that's why I'm showing you guys an amazing tool that I recently came across to help you keep organized.

Passion Planner is a planner that incorporates a planner, journal, calendar, goal setting guide, to-do list log, gratitude log, motivational quotes, and sketchbook into one booklet. I know what you're thinking, "what?"

I myself wear many hats, between going to college, working two jobs, preparing to study abroad and now preparing for my senior year AND my senior collection, it's easy to loose focus and forget to evenly distribute my attention towards all of my responsibilities. Having a passion planner has been a huge help. The planner can be ordered without dates filled in so that if you miss a week, the planner is not wasted, you just pick up where you left off! It also features a large monthly calendar with seven awesome questions you fill out each month so that you are able to go back and reflect on your answers from the past year at any time (some of these question include things like, "What or who are you especially grateful for this month?" or "How are you different between this past month and the month before it?")

You can order the planner in a large size or a smaller, easier to carry around size. Both are sleek, black, leather-bound books. 

The planner also helps you keep on track with goal setting abilities, allowing you to set up a focus for the year, month, week and even the day. Each week has a motivational quote and a personal and work to do list, great to help you separate work and your personal life. Each day is also broken down to the half hour, giving you plenty of space to write important reminders like appointments and meetings and to fully see what your day looks like when you are trying to plan for your big day. There is also plenty of room in the weekly sketchbook area to write mindless doodles, cake and centerpiece ideas and to tape clippings of ideas from magazines and pintrest that you like, or to record important phone numbers or emails. 

I hope this tool is as useful to you as it has been to me, what amazing tools help you keep organized? Let us know! You can learn more about it and try out downloadable PDFs of it on the passion planner website.

Inspiration Board of the Month- Calypso Daydream

Hello Lovelies!

With summer just around the corner I thought now would be the perfect time to give you all a little summer inspiration for your wedding, parties and personal style. Every month we will release a new inspiration board to get you feeling inspired by things that inspire us right here in the Ghinda studio. This month we were inspired by sandy beaches and tanned legs. I loved the bohemian vibe when I was designing these inspiration boards inspired by images of Zippora Seven in this shoot for Spell Designs (view the full look book and collection here). We hope these boards will inspire you the same way they inspired us! Enjoy!


Wedding Party: The Best App To Help You On Your Wedding Day.

Hello Lovely Brides,

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. It's a ton of work, and it takes a lot of organization and communication with a LOT of people. I wanted to share this amazing app with you guys because it allows you to get so organized for your wedding day. The app is called Wedding Party. It's FREE, here's why we love it!

  • When you sign up, you and your fiancé both create an account together, this allows you to communicate with your guests about the wedding together and separately from your respective phones. 
  • You can create groups. Such as your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, friends, college friends, parents, wedding planner and vendors. With the touch of a button you are able to contact all of your bridesmaids in a group about appointments, fittings, the reception, bachelorette parties and anything else you may need, your groom can also do the same.
  • Photo Sharing: you can share photos of things with your whole party or a specific group, your friends are also able to upload photos for you from the reception, the big day and anything in between! 
  • It creates an app AND a website for you automatically, this is great because it allows your guests to not only upload photos from their phones, but also the fantastic high deff photos some guests take on DSLR's for you, so you don't have to wait for them to email them to you to print!
  • The Photo Booth. The app also has an adorable photo booth section where guests can take photos Photo Booth style on their phones.
  • Great Insight from their blog, the app features many helpful posts about planning, style, and inspirational photographs to help you brainstorm.
  • You can post events with dates and details, everyone will instantly be notified.
  • You can add your registry info through the app.
  • You can also add accommodation details and information to the app for your guests.

As you can see there is just a TON of amazing things Wedding Party can help you organize and manage for your wedding day. I think this is such an amazing resource for brides and such a great way to help you alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. What helped you stay organize for your big day? We'd love to hear tips from you!

10 Amazing First Dance Songs

The first dance at your wedding is a beautiful moment. It can really set the tone for your whole reception and make for some amazing memories and photographs. If you already have a special song in mind, fantastic! We know lots of couples have songs that are special to the two of them, but if you're having a little trouble filling up your wedding playlist or finding the first song for your first dance then we have 10 amazing songs to get you started!

  1. XO- cover by John Mayer: Any Beyonce Fan will appreciate this beautiful cover of XO by John Mayer. It's a perfect way to play the song as a first dance because it's a little lighter and slow dance friendly. 
  2. You're The Reason I Come Home- Ron Pope: Here's a little secret, the first time I heard this song I knew it would be the first song at my own wedding, so naturally I had to share it with you. Until my special day I hope one of you will use it to celebrate your own special day.
  3. Heart's on Fire- Passenger: I think this song would be beautiful for a first dance. It's absolutely beautiful and very sweet. It would  be really easy to dance to and a very loving and perfect moment during a reception. 
  4. Latch (Acoustic Version)- Sam Smith: I don't think you could go wrong with Latch. The lyrics are stunning and so meaningful.
  5. Until You- Dave Barnes: There is a much slower version of this that's available that would probably be a little more fitting for a first dance but again, the lyrics alone are perfect. The original version would still be a great song for a faster, more upbeat first song.
  6. Fix You-Coldplay: Fix you is yet another beautiful, sweet song that is perfect for a first dance.
  7. Paperweight- Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk: This song is a little on the shorter side but it's very special, which is great if you're the kind of couple that doesn't want to be alone on the floor together too long.
  8. Like A Star- Corinne Bailey Rae: If you're looking for something with a little more soul, Corinne Bailey Rae is a great pick, I could see this being played at a summer wedding at night with bare feet. 
  9. Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran: Tenerife Sea could not be more perfect for a first wedding dance. It was like it was written specifically for that. I think this is also a great pick for background music in your wedding video.
  10. Only Love- Ben Howard: If you're looking for a more folksy, raw acoustic sound that's really unique, Only love is a fantastic song. It has a definite vibe so it's not for everyone, but if you're the right bride this might be the perfect song for your reception.

The Ghinda Beauty Project: Amy Novotny

photography credited to Dan Buckley 

Our beautiful bride Amy Novotny came into the Ghinda studio dreaming in violet and seeking a dress that was sweet, elegant, simple, and comfortable for her Autumn wedding. We had the pleasure of crafting her gown as well as two skirts for her bridesmaids. We loved so many things about Amy but we especially appreciated her choice to support local businesses like Ghinda for her wedding as well as her approach to fitness and beauty. A beautiful soul inside and out, Amy is a cross fit champ with a love for yoga, and positive thinking. We know you'll love her outlook on beauty and life just as much as we do!

CW: We know you went local for your wedding, and we think that is so awesome! Was this a difficult challenge for you? What were some of the pros and cons? Were there any local brands that you especially loved?

AN: Supporting local vendors was very important to me. I found that local vendors offered a great customer service experience. We used a local catering company Two Caterers. The venue, food and staff at Two Caterers were amazing!  Our photographer Dan Buckley was also amazing! His unique style really captured our wedding day perfectly!

CW: What is your definition of beauty?

AN: Confidence in yourself!

CW: What ended up bringing you to Ghinda? What drew you to decide to have a gown custom made for you?

AN: When I got engaged I knew I wanted to have a unique wedding dress. Prior to coming to Ghinda I visited one other shop to get an idea of the wedding dresses available. After visiting that shop I knew that a traditional wedding dress shop would not be the place I would find my perfect dress. With my unique style, I knew a custom gown would be exactly what I was looking for. My second dress appointment I visited Ghinda. Jen's enthusiasm and passion for her work really drew me in and after trying on a few gowns I knew I had found perfect gown style.

CW: What was your favorite part of creating a Ghinda Gown? 

AN: I love the passion and enthusiasm Jen and her staff have for creating the perfect gown for their clients. I loved every step of the process especially the fact that Jen ensures that every change made to the dress is perfect. I was also very grateful for Jen's help with coordinating my bridesmaids outfits.

CW: What are three pieces of advice you would give a bride who wanted to go custom?

AN:  Be confident in your style and don't second guess yourself. Enjoy the process!

CW: Being a bride involves a lot of stress, planning, and preparation, What do you did you do while planning for your wedding to de-stress?

AN: Have a great support person to help with the planning. My husband was great and helped me with the planning process. I also managed my stress by exercising. I am avid crossfitter and yogi.

CW: Brides feel a lot of pressure to slim down for their wedding day in order to feel "their most beautiful" What would you say to a bride who was feeling this kind of pressure before her wedding day? What advice would you have for her?

AN: A bride has enough stress to deal with during the wedding planning process and weight loss should not be one of them. I think the bride should be reminded that their fiancé fell in love with them just the way they are and a few pounds is not going change his feelings.

The Ghinda Beauty Project: Alex Six

When Alex Six came into our studio to create her custom wedding gown we knew right away we were designing something special. Alex and her fiancé, Ryan had dreams of a tropical destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. We loved designing this gown because it looks grand but it feels easy, light, and looks stunning on our bride in this amazing backdrop. Here's what she has to say about the meaning of beauty and what it means to be a Ghinda bride. 

CW: What was it that made you choose Ghinda for your wedding gown, why go custom?

AS: I went to school with Jen and found out she made wedding dresses. I wanted something to fit my body type and that I was comfortable in. I did not want the typical wedding dress that has the rushing in it.

CW: We know that you had a wedding in the Dominican republic, what was it like planning a destination wedding? Can you describe some of the pros and cons of having a destination wedding and how your wedding may have inspired you to create a custom gown at Ghinda? 

AS: The hardest part about a destination wedding was picking where to go. After we found the place it was the easiest thing in the world. The resort handled everything and made our day absolutely amazing. The pros of a destination wedding are: Less stress- the resort did a great job of making sure I had nothing to worry about. It’s a vacation with your closet friends and family- Everyone told us it was one of the best times they have had in a long time. Less money- It actually saved us money. If we got married in Columbus and went the traditional route we would have spent twice as much. Cons- you have to be able to let go of some of the control. Not all family members will be able to be there. There are some legal hoops to jump through.

Having a destination wedding played a major role in the design process. I wanted something that fit my body type that I could wear most of the day on a tropical island in 80 degree weather. Most wedding dresses are heavy and hot and I wanted to be able to enjoy my dress as much as possible.

CW: What kinds of activities make you feel beautiful? Are there any rituals you go through to make time for yourself and take care?

AS: The process leading up to the wedding I spent a little more time on beauty rituals. I did get eyelash extensions for the big day and I do have to say they were amazing. Being at the beach you don’t want to wear a lot of make up so the extensions worked perfectly for that natural look. Also, yoga makes me feel amazing inside and out. I feel that yoga helps you find that place where you are happy within yourself.

CW: Can you tell us a little bit about the design process you went through at Ghinda? How involved were you in it and what was it like? What was your favorite part of the process of creating a Ghinda gown? Is there a special moment from the process that was very special to you? 

AS: The design process was great from the start. The team at Ghinda really listened to what I wanted. I felt involved in every step. Every time I went to try on the dress we would adjust the dress to fit my body type and to what looked the best. Sometimes this took multiple fittings until it was just right but in the end the dress was perfect.

CW: Do you think a positive sense of self can make a person more physically attractive? How so?

AS: I think a positive sense of self does make someone more attractive. You can see this light from them and that they are happy with who they are.

CW: What are three pieces of advice you would give a bride who wanted to go custom?

AS: My advice is;

  1. Be patient your dress will be perfect.
  2. Let your creativity shine this is your moment.
  3. Do what you want in the design process but do listen to the advice of friends, family and the Ghinda team.

CW: What is inner and outer beauty to you?

AS: Inner and outer beauty is being happy with yourself. Everyone is different and that is what makes us beautiful.

The Ghinda Team Shares Our New Years Resolutions With You

2015 Ghinda.jpg

Hello Beauties! Happy New Year! With the start of 2015 coming right around the corner, it's a great time to reflect and think about what your goals are for the coming year. I had the pleasure of asking the members of our wonderful Ghinda Team what their goals are for the new year, and now I'm here to share them with you!


When I caught up with our very own Jen about what her new years resolutions were, they were sweet, simple and to the point. Here's what she's hoping to accomplish in the new year.

  1. Love better
  2. Stop and smell the roses and by that I mean putting down my phone:)
  3. More breathing and water

I think that these all apply to Ghinda as well as my personal life because the good energy I take and in and put out gets breathed through our little studio! 
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


When asked to contribute my new year's resolutions for this post, I was immediately excited. Then terrified. But as I wrote them down I feel relieved to have goals that will only make me better and can't wait to see them come to fruition.

  1. Read more; Sounds simple, right? I relax  My goal is to turn everything off in my brain, stop wasting energy, and focus on one amazing story at a time. I'm even giving up Netflix for a month! I seriously can't even wait.
  2. Work less / live more; I work a lot. My days get a little blurry sometimes, and I miss out on some basics...Like jokes and taking a walk, for example. Just kidding. But really, though,  who has time for that? I will in 2015.
  3.  Get to know our brides better; We have had some truly amazing women come through our doors over my last year and a half with Ghinda. Oftentimes they're off to wedded bliss in just 6-10 months. I regret not taking more time to inquire about the projects they may be working on or the trips they are planning. Our brides truly make our brand, and have taught us much about being awesome, independent women as well as how love and beauty differ, but are still perfect in every way. I just adore that and I can't wait to learn more.
  4. Work more confidently; I am constantly second guessing myself and the projects I'm working on. Even with support from the Ghinda team, I never think the end result will be good enough, and I let that fear hinder my vision. Bummer, right? I resolve to be less fearful  when an idea strikes, all in an effort to put the very best of me into this brand I believe so much in.


Kelley is the newest addition to the Ghinda team! Here are her New Years resolutions.

  1. Be healthier: my new years resolutions are much like everyone else's in that i want to eat better and join a gym that offers a variety of classes.
  2. Spend/Save Wisely: After an eventful 2014 including graduating from college i want to work on budgeting and put money into savings.
  3. Plan A Trip: I want to go to  somewhere i haven't been before!

Kelly also shared a great article with me, you can read it here.


I love setting goals. Goal setting is a consistent part of my daily life. Typically I like to write down all of my goals no matter how big or small in my to-do list so that it's always there even with all of the small things I need to do like buy milk and pick up computer paper. Keeping my goals next to things I already need to do means that I see them more often and that they are always on my mind. Another thing that I like to do is vocalize my goals to my friends and family, letting them know what my goals are and seeing them get excited for me is something that drives me, and if I forget about a goal I had, they may bring it up and remind me. Although I come up with new goals and resolutions all the time, New Years is especially fun because you get a chance to reflect on where you were a year ago, and you get to see how far you've come. Here are my resolutions for 2015

  1. Stop Comparing: It's so easy to compare yourself to your peers in school, and your friends and coworkers. Someone is always going to be better than you are at something, but it doesn't mean that you aren't great at what you do too!
  2. Take Time For Myself: Between school, work and all of the other responsibilities of life it's often hard to focus on what it is that you need. Taking time to go for a walk, paint your nails, cook yourself dinner, or read a couple chapters from a good book are all little things that I know I can do to feel like I'm doing things for myself.
  3. Obsess about my Craft: My free time usually goes to netflix, long showers and my friends, but using some of my free time to really dive into fashion design, writing and business by reading books, watching fashion shows and documentaries are really helpful ways to take the time that I have now to learn even more about the things that I love.
  4. Get to know you! The Ghinda audience! Our blog readers! I am so interested in bringing our brides and our just-for-fun readers inspirational, engaging content, have an idea for a blog post? write it in a comment!


Kathryn only had one goal for the new year but it was by far my favorite! 

  1. Be More Like Jen! Today in the studio a 7 year old girl from Jen's church came in to take a tour of Ghinda, seeing a hopeful designer from the next generation look up to Jen as much as we all do was adorable- and completely inspiring!

The Ghinda Beauty Project: Ghinda's Own Kathryn Leanna Shares Her Thoughts On Beauty and Bridal

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kathryn Leanna ever since I was a freshman at Columbus College of Art and Design. From the moment I first saw her present a collection I got a feel for her beautifully crafted designs with a feminine touch, and an unexpected edge. Going to school with Kathryn has been a pleasure, working with her has been an honor, and becoming her friend has been the greatest experience of all. From the classroom to the studio, Kathryn works hard to deliver the best quality and the most beautiful designs. I had the chance to sit down with her in our very own studio and speak with her about the business of bridal as well as what makes her feel beautiful.

As I sit down with Kathryn the first thing I notice about her is her smile. Sweet, and with a contagious personality, Kathryn pins and sews at the machine as we speak. She is concentrated and thoughtful. Seeing a person in their element like this is one of my favorite things because I think you get so see so much of who a person is if you pay attention. It is also when a person is in their element that I think they are often their most beautiful. 

I ask Kathryn what inspires her most as a designer and she takes a moment to think before letting out a list with enthusiasm. As a fellow designer I understand how this feels. Fashion is so easily influenced by anything, and she gives affirmation to that as she let's out her own personal list, "I really am inspired by the changes from season to season, I find that so interesting, the blend between one season and another, nature in general is inspiring to me. Architecture and politics in fashion are also really important to me. Fashion should be smart. I like to stay well informed because of that. I like to pay attention to fine art and practical design." 

Who does someone who's as inspiring as Kathryn look up to? Her response was, "The people in my personal life really inspire me. My friend and classmate Jacob Maitland will try absolutely anything, he's fearless and so well informed about the world and his trade. He's willing to go through a lot of trial and error, more than what is required of him, just so that he can learn and grow and become a better designer, the same with Jen (CEO of Ghinda). Jen is the same she's always willing to take a risk and try something new to see if it works, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but she's always willing to try and she's always willing to learn."

Kathryn's trade gives her a sense of confidence, but what else makes a fashion design student feel confident and beautiful? "When people compliment my smile." Kathryn shared a very beautiful personal story of her overcoming insecurities about her smile. As she told me I could hardly believe she'd ever been so worried people were judging her for it. Since I've known Kathryn one of the best things about her is her smile. It is the kind that lights up a room and leaves you in a better mood after being around her. "I get told that my smile makes other people happy and when I hear that it really makes me happy, it's one of the best compliments I can receive- and it makes me smile more!" Kathryn also shared with me a few other things that add to her self confidence and sense of feeling beautiful. "Having time for myself and being alone also makes me feel more confident," she shared. "I enjoy being mentally alone. I like to read, drink some tea and when I'm lucky a good nights sleep is good too!"

Working with brides I am always interested in how everyone's individual experinece compares to my own. "I think it's great they [the brides] have such a vision. Clothing shouldn't be a shell, it should be you coming out of your shell, and I love that about bridal especially, bridal is so personal, it's so about them." Kathryn continued to sew and talk with me about the future for her and her experiences at Ghinda. It was so great to hear about her feelings on Ghinda because we work on different parts of the business and have different experiences, but share so many of the same views. "Ghinda has given me a lot of confidence as a designer I would say, when I was a kid I never thought that being a designer was reasonable. It's kind of crazy, this fearlessness, you really have to trust yourself so that others can trust you too." 

What an awesome philosophy to not only carry in design but in your personal life as well! Kathryn is but just one part of our incredibly talented and tight-knit team. We hope you'll follow along as we sit down with all of the members of our incredible team and ask them for their outlook on beauty and design, and we hope to see you soon in our studio! 

Let's Talk Couture: Why You Shouldn't Be Scared Of Couture Wedding Gowns

When most people hear the words "couture wedding gown" they instantly start thinking over-the-top and insanely expensive. What couture literally means by definition is, "the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements." This is such an accurate description of Ghinda's approach to the design of our wedding gowns. While there is opportunity to design something over-the-top and for that garment to become pricier, in the end, we are focused on you and what you want for your wedding day. Couture simply means that your gown is designed by you for you and to fit you to perfection. Price is determined by the hours spent on your gown and the materials, and we often work with brides to see how we can help them stay within their budget. 

We're here to answer all of your questions about couture gowns and to explain what the process of creating one is like, so let's get to it!

How long does designing a couture wedding gown take? 

It depends on the gown and the season because spring is our busiest season, but typically it takes us anywhere from 4-6 months to create your gown, the further in advance you come in to start creating your gown the better. If you think you might want a custom gown and just want to speak with us and try on some gowns, coming in a year in advance is even better.  

What should I bring to my first bridal appointment?

When you come into your first bridal appointment, bring in images of gowns, art, photos, and anything that inspires you. As a custom bridal shop we really want to know you and everything about your style and what you love. Having some examples of things you like helps us to start coming up with ideas for what you'll love together! Some other things to bring to an appointment are the people you love! Come in with the people who know you best and that you want to share this moment with be it friends and/or family. If you have photos of you in gowns from the other shops you've been to, bring that too! There might be some things you liked about some gowns and some things you wish hadn't been there. Knowing the bits and pieces of gowns that you enjoyed help us to know what you might want to include in your gown. It is also helpful if you have a strapless bra and a pair of shoes that are about the height you think you'll wear for your wedding ceremony/reception, however it's not necessary and we can work around that. 

Do you have dresses I can try on?

Yes! We have a selection of collection gowns (our collection is always growing so there is more in the studio than on the site). On your first appointment we have you try on our collection gowns and get a chance to see what works on you and what you feel comfortable and beautiful in, from there we start working on customizing your gown.

What if I want something that is completely different and that isn't a collection gown?

We do that too! We can work with you to create exactly the gown you're looking for. We often sit down and create sketches of your gown with and for you to see what you like, this is also why having lots of inspiration pictures and ideas about the elements you'd like to see in your gown are especially helpful to us.

Do I have to source materials myself?

No, we source materials for you after you've had a chance to look through our library of fabrics. We will order in fabric samples and source everything for you. Additionally, we also custom dye fabrics. If there is a color you need matched to work with your color scheme or you what something in an off-white, ivory, nude or blush, we are able to custom dye your fabric and give you samples of that as well.

Do you do alterations?

We do alterations for our brides, if you are working on a gown with us the price of alterations is included in the price of your gowns. We work on the fit of your gown from beginning to end and alter the fit along the way, so that in the end your gown fits perfectly. We do not however, do alterations on gowns that are not our own.

How many appointments/fittings will I need?

The amount of fittings you'll need is dependent on the bride, how complex her dress is, and how long we have to make it. On average you need about 4-5 fittings. The first appointment is just where we get to know you, see your inspiration, sketch, try on our collection gowns, and kind of brainstorm with you. After that we start patterning for you. You come in for a muslin mock up fitting, this is just a fitting where we use an inexpensive fabric to make a copy of your gown so that we can see how it looks on you and how the fit looks. From here we may make alterations and do another muslin fitting, or we may move on to your final fabric. Once we have your dress in your final fabric we do a fitting of that, and if there are any changes that need to be made, we make them and then you have your final fit which is where everything looks beautiful and is completely ready and put together.

What should I expect when I come to the studio?

We are a running studio. This means that we are in full production at all times. It's a very creative space, sometimes a little chaotic, but full of possibilities. When you are here it is a one-on-one experience. There will be no other brides here when you are here, we are truly focused on you and you alone. You have our full attention and it is our mission to bring your dreams to life. Expect for this to be fun, original, organic, creative journey, and expect us to help you in any and every way we can along the way. 



The Ghinda Beauty Project: Bride Paula Gallagher Gives Lace a Modern Twist

All photos credited to Alevtina Photography

When Paula Gallagher came into the Ghinda studio, it didn't take long for us to realize how special she was. Her love of family and tradition tied into the design of her wedding gown, which still had an air of modern sophistication about it. We love everything about Paula, from her whimsical, romantic style, to her outlook on beauty, and we know you will too.

CW: What was it that brought you to Ghinda, what about your experience with us made you choose to go custom?

PG: I found Ghinda through a search on Ghinda was actually my first stop on the bridal gown search. I visited with Jen and tried on dresses from her collection to find a silhouette that worked for me. I knew from that day on that I was going to have my dress made by Ghinda. I did end up visiting other bridal shops, because I felt that I had to. I felt that I had to do the traditional thing of going with my mom and girls to try on wedding dresses. The visits to other bridal shops further solidified my desire to have a custom made gown by Ghinda. 

CW: Your relationship with your mother is so special, and we loved seeing the two of you come in together for appointments. How involved was your mother in the design process of your wedding gown? Did her style in any way influence the design of your gown? 

PG: My mom is my best friend; so naturally, she was involved with every step of the wedding planning process. My mom loves all things vintage; vintage wrapping paper, vintage cups and plates, vintage clothing. My dress had that vintage feel while still being modern, hence why we went with an all lace dress. I trusted her judgment on what looked best on me. She even came up with the idea of using my grandmothers wedding headpiece and turning it into a clip I could use in my hair for the reception.

CW: How was it designing a bridal gown from start to finish? You are one of the first brides we've had design a gown entirely out of lace, how was that process, was the end result what you envisioned? 

PG: Designing a bridal gown is something that not many brides get to experience. It was different because you never get that feeling of “saying yes to the dress”. It isn’t like TV shows. You are involved in every element of design. It is YOUR dress. I am so very picky, so designing my dress was exactly what I needed. I also wanted a backless dress, so having a custom dress built for my body made me feel confident and comfortable.

CW: As a dietitian, how does this influence your perception of beauty? Do you often find that beauty starts with what you nourish your body with? What advice do you have for women from this point of view?

PG: Absolutely. I believe that you are what you eat. I love making things from scratch; I love knowing exactly what ingredients are in my food. Nourishing my body with wholesome ingredients is where beauty begins. I think that for most women, the perception of beauty and their weight go hand in hand. I think that rather than focusing on a number on the scale, we should focus on how what we eat makes us feel. I think we need to focus on eating more of the foods that make us feel healthful and limiting the foods that make us feel guilty. We need to remember our body is a temple and we should eat to nourish it.

CW: What was your relationship with Jen like as you were designing, how was this different or special in comparison to your other bridal shopping experiences?

PG: Is there even a comparison to Jen? I don’t know of bridal shop where you get the attention like you get from Jen. You would never even know that Jen was working on other brides gowns because she makes you feel like you are the most important bride in her world. Jen ordered lace after lace for me to see and feel, she sewed a seam, and then undid the seam to make it perfect; she sewed on buttons just to realize they weren’t perfectly in line and she would start over again, she hemmed the bottom and then had to hem it more when we realized I couldn’t walk. While I may have never gotten to “say yes to the dress” in a regular bridal shop, I got to work with Jen for a full year creating my dream gown.

CW: What makes you feel confident? 

PG: I think that physical activity makes me feel more confident; yes, sweat and all. Health really is a relationship between you and your body. After an hour spin or HIIT class, I feel like I am on cloud 9. As the years have passed, I think I have come to enjoy exercising because I have finally realized that I do it to be strong and fit, not skinny. It is amazing that once you convince your mind that you can do something, your body will follow suit.  I like to push myself to the limits and see what I am truly capable of doing.

CW: We heard your dad wrote the song for your father/daughter dance?! How unique and special is that?!  Are there any lyrics from it you'd like to share that were especially meaningful and important to you?

PG: This was a complete surprise to me. My dad had told me that he contacted the DJ and had chosen a song for our dance but it was a surprise. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that he wrote, sang, and produced it. It is honestly a moment in time that I will never forget; it was one of the most special moments of my life. It is so difficult to pinpoint my favorite lyrics since I love them all, but if I have to, I would start from the first lyrics I heard…which in turn, made me cry like a big bridal baby. 

"I remember the day you came into my world,

Daddy’s got himself a little girl

The simple joys that you would bring

Watching you do little things

Like catching fireflies on a summer night"

(If you want to hear the full song, click here.)

Ghinda Slips Into Something More Captivating

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